Personalized Hair Loss Treatment Based on Your DNA

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss. That’s why Drs. Jeffrey and Gorana Epstein created HairPersonalTM . Using a DNA TrichoTestTM, blood work and a patient assessment, their process uncovers how genetics, hormones and lifestyle factor into your hair loss.

What’s Different About HairPersonalTM ?

Getting Started with
HairPersonalTM is Easy

Phone showing assessment question

1. Answer some simple questions

Fill out the questionnaire in the office or take an online assessment that gathers demographic info and lifestyle insights.

DNA Swab

2. Take the DNA Test & Labs

The TrichoTestTM (DNA test for hair loss) can be done by our nurses in the office or we can mail you an at-home test, and you will be given a prescription for blood work at a local lab.  Your hair loss pattern can be evaluated in person or by you sending pictures of your hair.

HairPresonal™ staff members

3. Start your treatment

Your in-office or virtual consultation with the doctor or his Nurse Practitioners will allow us to discuss your results start treatment.

Created by the World’s Top Hair Restoration Experts

HairPersonalTM is led by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein – two of the world’s leading hair loss experts. Together, our husband-and-wife superteam have helped more than 50,000 patients over 35 combined years of practice.

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Results Speak for Themselves

Result of personalized medication and Laser Light Therapy


Result of personalized compounded lotion and specialized vitamin regimen.


Result of personalized compounded lotion and Laser Light Therapy.


Powerful Treatments Personal Privacy

HairPersonalTM patients can treat their hair lossfrom the comfort and privacy of their home or after a visit to our office.

Here’s what else they love about it:

It’s Effective

HairPersonalTM founders have restored the hair of more than 30,000 patients, so we know exactly what works.

It’s Economical

Our system is money well spent. Why? Because you can finally stop wasting it on treatments that don’t work.

Which of the following concerns do you have?

Select the hair loss pattern that closest matches yours

What is your age range
Which best describe the concerns you have with your hair? (Select all that apply)

When did you first notice your hair loss?

Do you currently use any of the following to conceal your hair loss?

Which, if any, of the following are you using to treat your hair loss?

How do you feel about your appearance because of your Hair Loss/Hair Thinning? (Select all that apply)

Which best describes your treatment goals? (Select all that apply)

After speaking with a health care provider, would you consider the use of prescription products [topical and/or oral] to treat your hair loss?

Which best describes your ability to remain consistent with treatment regimen recommendations?


Based on your answers in the HairPersonal™ online questionnaire, you are a good candidate for a hair loss treatment. Options include hair restoration surgery, custom compounded medications, and topical treatments.

We will contact you soon to discuss options, or you can call us at 305-359-7599.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!